You can purchase human hair wigs from the following places:

  1. Physical Stores: You can look for local wig specialty shops, such as the Changsha Famosi Wig Store, which is located at the first floor of Building 4, Xicheng Dragon Garden, West Golden Star Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. They offer genuine human hair wigs and have professional sales staff to provide consultation and services [1].

  2. Large Shopping Malls: Many large malls also have wig stores inside, where you can usually find a wide variety of wig styles and sizes. The shopping environment tends to be relatively better [2].

  3. Online Marketplaces: You can buy wigs on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, etc., which offer a large selection of wig products. However, when shopping online, it's important to choose reputable merchants with good reviews, and be aware that the material and realism may differ from those in physical stores [2].

  4. Well-known Brands: Opt for wig brands with a good reputation, such as Yinraohair, etc. These brands generally guarantee quality and style [2].

When purchasing, make sure to select a style and color that suits you, and ensure the wig material is safe and non-harmful. If you need a custom wig, communicate your requirements and expectations with the store in advance [2].