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Unique Selling Points:The Enchanted Elf Chic Short Straight Synthetic Wig is an enchanting synthetic hairpiece distinguished by its angled bangs and champagne blonde pixie cut design. This 24cm wig is crafted from high-quality synthetic fibers, ensuring a realistic look and comfortable wear. Its sty..
Step into the new realm of modern elegance with the Blonde Chic T-Front Lace Bob Short Straight Synthetic Wig, offering unparalleled style with its airy blonde glow and sleek straight design. This 39cm long synthetic wig, with its unique T-Front lace detail, perfectly blends nature with sophisticati..
Timeless Elegance, Unfading Glamour - Classic Chic Yinraohair Black Bob Wig, a 28cm sleek black short straight hair, brings you the enduring charm of classic elegance. With its clean, flowing lines, this wig perfectly interprets the allure of classics, catering to both career professionals and ..
【Urban Silhouette, Cutting-Edge Fashion】— Diagonal Bangs Black Bob Synthetic Wig, a short straight synthetic wig featuring a unique diagonal bang design, perfectly encapsulates the sophistication and efficiency of urban women. At 23 centimeters in length, it strikes the perfect balance between showc..
Unique Selling PointsFringe Black Bob Synthetic Wig, Short Straight Classic – Timeless Style, Reinvent Urban Confidence 26cmFringe Black Bob Synthetic Wig, Short Straight Classic – Timeless Style, Reinvent Urban Confidence 26cm – This 26cm Fringe Black Bob synthetic wig captures the essence of timel..
Gradient BOB Glam Women's Short Wig - 30cm, Trendy Ombre, Classic Bob Cut, Playful Bangs - Instant Style, Capture Urban Chic VibesUnique Selling Points:30cm Gradient BOB Short Wig: This 30cm wig boasts trendy ombre coloring and a classic bob cut, providing an instant style transformation for th..
Orange Ombre Elegance Full Lace Front, Short Straight Hair, Vibrant Gradient Tones – Craft a Bold Fashion Statement, Unleash Summer Passion, Instant Street Style Sensation 38cmUnique Selling Points:Full Lace Front Design: The short straight hair's full lace front design offers a natural hairline, al..
Unique Selling Points:Minimalist Chic: This short straight synthetic wig embodies the essence of minimalist fashion with its clean lines and modern design. The angled bangs add a layer of sophistication, making the overall look more refined, perfect for those who pursue urban elegance.Emotional Mark..
 [Shoulder-Grazing Chic] 40cm Bangs & Hair AK01 - Embrace Sleek Simplicity with Alluring Fringe Meets Mid-Length Mane, Perfect for Modern MinimalistsUnique Selling Points:This 40cm long bangs and hair combination AK01 offers a sleek and flowing design, providing modern women with an elegant..
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